Robert B. Parker

I do not know what I am about to type about. Not a bit. Jennifer says that I have a nice haircut. My fountain pens arrived a day early, it is exciting especially given that they write so well. Perhaps better than I do. Ummm, what should I type about?

“He poured it down the middle as the great gods of hops intended.” That came from Robert B. Parker. I have not read any Parker in years. I may not even have a copy of any of his books. But he stays with me in the form of that quotation. What is it like to be famous for that bit of writing. I supposed it a better than being remembered for the guy who was playing the protagonist (sorry, I don’t recall

his name) this dim wit was all set for another season of playing him when Bam! he is arrested and convicted for cocaine possession. Spent a year or so in jail in the UK and the people that had worked on the series were all elsewhere, certainly not getting their living from the series. Gah, I don’t recall the name of the protagonist, or the name of the actor. Just the writer’s name and the quote. Oh sure, it was set in Boston, he cooked well, had a girlfriend who was a lawyer and a black friend, Hawk? and his distaste for Shoppes. He called them “shop-ees” because it seemed quaint to tourists and he really didn’t care for tourists either. Well, whatever. A toast to Robert B. Parker and the books he wrote and I enjoyed.

Not much today. But something. Again. Another half page.

— MichaelRpdx :: osm5


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