Lazy Cricketless Summer

What a lazy day. Jennifer had sore arms. From vaccinations. I stayed with her, we didn’t “do”: anything. Binge watching Korean soap operas. I reviewed our spending for the year to date and planned our taxes for the year. Wheee!

This typewriter is from, well I don’t remember. Wow though, pica with a nice clean type. Why have I not used it more? Perhaps more in the future. Perhaps not, it has not grabbed my attention yet. Are you a fan of the SM5 line? Tell me why.

      Are there poems here
      lurking in favorite twilight
      Waiting for it’s use

Perhaps there. Perhaps in rewritings Well, there is a lot in the rewriting. Or even in the re-thinking: Like …

Where are the crickets? This time of year they were through the evening sounds. Especially last year. No longer now.

Jupiter and Saturn are back again. In our southern night sky. And I know I have not woken too early in the morning, thanks to Venus rising. Even above the trees. She is there until the sky is brightened by the sun. All of these make for the skies through the washout of the haze of the lights of human beings. The lights that prevent people from seeing the Milky Way. Much less Andromeda.


Well, YAY! for my One Typed Page. I’ve written again. Tomorrow is another day and I’ll need to come up with more.

-~ MichaelRpdx :: osm5

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