Home Again

Memories, of an all day and half the night drive from Chicago to Lake of the Woods in Canada. We did it three or four times. It was about a 12 hour drive that my dad well I don’t want to say “happily” undertook, But he did each year to go fishing and camp for not quite two weeks of vacation each year. It was no vacation for my Mom.

This year I took just over two weeks to drive my Mom to a family reunion. I had good times meeting and re-meeting my relatives. I will not do it again. At least I will not drive there and back. I am still recovering. Perhaps a trip via train, Amtrak, to Havre, Montana and rent a car there. Perhaps to Malta, though I will need to travel from the Amtrak station to the airport there.

Car dependencies are the shits. No wonder my wife does not want to leave Portland. There is a wonderful bus
system here.

Whine whine whine.

I tell he “I’m quitting for now. I’m whining.
Whineing or wineing?
Whineing or wineing? W-h-i-n-e-i-n-g or w-i-n-e-i-n-g?
Oh, whineing, w-h-i-n-e-i-n-g. Maybe I should wine a bit.

And I quit typing. It is late so we watch TV. We agree to give “The Umbrella Academy” a break. We switch’ to “Paper Heist: Korea”. Oh my, oh my, it is fun.

If you saw the original Spanish version.
If you like to compare versions.
If you like watching Korean productions.
Of if you do not like Spanish TV but do like Korean.
This might be a thing to watch on Netflix.

We are having a hoot, comparing the versions. They are different due to the cultural differences.

— MichaelRpdx :: rm :: 2022-06-27/8

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