Back In School Days

Long drive. All on one tank, a 10 gallon tank. Those are the highlights of my day. Do not tell my sister whose house I am typing this at. (Damn this Royal Mercury is a loud beat in a house with people going to sleep.) Headwinds. The Columbia Gorge is semi famous for their winds. Wind Surfers love it on the Columbia River especially the Hood River area. I noted now the gas mileage was down by 5% or so. This was made up by the miles and miles of downhill roads from Walla Walla to the Snake River area of Clarkston/Lewiston. Hot darn, we are so used to filling up the tank twice on a trip from Portland to Grangeville.

I am going to wrap this up.
More tomorrow.

-— MichaelRpdx :: rm ::; 2022-06-14

Happy Flag Day. There were hundreds flying on our way.

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