New from 1969 Typewriter

At first glance, it looks like a Hermes 3000. Like my favorite typewriter. But the platen knobs are mismatched, one black, one brown. Where did the 1 key and the 0 keys go to? The comma and period keys have their shifted states producing? and ¿ for Spanish. At the right-hand part of the keybank there are keys for a tilde, cedilla, grave and acute accent characters and more. This is not an American typewriter.

This is my new 1969 typewriter. I’ll refer to it as an International Hermes 3000. It has most of the combinations to make Spanish, French, and German alphabets. The upside down ¡ exclamation mark is not there. And the quotation marks for French is missing. I guess they will have to live with quote ‘ and double quote ” characters.

It is mine now. Now I have some typing to get used to the new layout.

What's avaailble on my Hermes International 3000

Happy Equinox

Yes, this is the day that we transition from summer to autumn. Or we are entering the dark months. Only six months left until we’re back on the bright side of life.

I did go out today, to view a photo show from Bobby Abrahamson. It was an outdoor show of North Portland Polaroids. This was the first outing, actual social event, I have had since February 27. Wow, over six months without any social events. I’m not counting having a pair of couples over for their visits, my sister was here for my birthday, and I’ve gone out to eat a meal or two with my wife. But to go out and just be someplace for the pleasure, this was a first.

Oh my wow. What a string of life.

What I Keep

What I wrote for One Typed Page.

2020-09-20 Portland, Oregon Hermes 3000

If you feel carefully, you can detect the perforations of where the paper was ripped from its neighbors and the side stuff with the holes for tractor feeds. How old did the paper need to be for that? When was the last time I had tractor feed paper? In the 1990s? Why did I keep this paper? Why did I buy paper and not use this paper?

It is not the only thing I have here at home from a long time ago. And I mean things that are part of the making stuff group. I have some pencils, 4H, such as those from 1982 or so. 4H is a grading spec. This is a hard pencil for light lines, usually used in sketching and stuff like that. I have some tubes of paint. Oil paints in 200ml tubes. Cad Red Deep, Prussian Blue, Cad Yellow Pale, Phthalo Blue, and Alizeran Crimson. All in boxes, ready to go. There are other bits and pieces from my past, all ready to use. I like things like this, things that stay ready to use. You cannot do that with foodstuffs. Foodstuffs rot. It takes a different kind of liking to like that kind of thing.

I have words too. Words like those that you read here. They never rot. You can use words over and over.

I hope to use words well. Here is a sample, not from me.

Sometimes as an antidote
To fear of death,
I eat the stars.

~ Rebecca Elson

Those are the opening words to ANTIDOTES TO FEAR OF DEATH
by Rebecca Elson. What words those are! Someday!

— MichaelRpdx :: h3k