Spanish Armchair Travel

¿Cómo nos han transformado las redes sociales?

If you understand: read this.
If you don’t: read this.

It’s a story from Radio Ambulante. Think This American Life and Radio Lab transmuted into Spanish, roaming through the vast Latin American cultural worlds. Fortunately for those without Spanish fluency each episode has transcriptions in Spanish and English. They have over 100 episodes.

Yes, you too can be a sonic armchair traveler.

Personal note, when I first saw “¿Cómo nos han transformado las redes sociales?” I understood. Then it hit my self-aware self, I understood. Radio Ambulante is one resource for learning Spanish. Especially useful is reading the Spanish transcript while listening, to work on listening comprehension.

A portfolio by different photographers

I’m taking an online photography class Traveling Light. The instructor recently observed.

As for personal style while cultural/visual differences are certainly a big part of what makes travel exciting, if we focus solely on these external differences when we shoot, our photography can tend to look more cliched and random a portfolio that appears to be shot by many different photographers.

The phrase a portfolio that appears to be shot by many different photographers keeps echoing through my thoughts. Indeed as I review my collections of photographs with one exception they do have that appearance. Rather than being a flow of visual thought, the images are groups of non-sequiturs.

It’s time for reflection.

Beach, La Manga, Spain
Reflecting in La Manga

Argentina Meat Love

Argentina is known for wine and beef. In truth they like all meats. Places like this is one of their worship sites. I attended.

La Parrill on Junin in Buenos Aires.
La Parrilla on Junín in Buenos Aires. A take out grill.