New from 1969 Typewriter

At first glance, it looks like a Hermes 3000. Like my favorite typewriter. But the platen knobs are mismatched, one black, one brown. Where did the 1 key and the 0 keys go to? The comma and period keys have their shifted states producing? and ¿ for Spanish. At the right-hand part of the keybank there are keys for a tilde, cedilla, grave and acute accent characters and more. This is not an American typewriter.

This is my new 1969 typewriter. I’ll refer to it as an International Hermes 3000. It has most of the combinations to make Spanish, French, and German alphabets. The upside down ¡ exclamation mark is not there. And the quotation marks for French is missing. I guess they will have to live with quote ‘ and double quote ” characters.

It is mine now. Now I have some typing to get used to the new layout.

What's avaailble on my Hermes International 3000

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