Me Here Again

If you’re here, welcome. There is a wide variety of things written about. But, ultimately, they are about me. And what I’m interested in. And there is a lot that is left out. Well, maybe. There is a lot. You get what pulls my attention in for the day. Like haiku, or stamps, or forest, or, or well there is a lot. Stiff that is not coming to mind anymore. Yes, it is a problem for me now.

Thanks for coming. Come in once in a while, there is sure to be stuff that is different than what you’ve read here before. And hit the random page bit. It will surprise you.

Welcome to August

Last year I started a daily blog last August. So this year I’m doing it again. You can count on this being journal-ey, journalistic?, well whatever, this is a personal spot for me to share. So I can whinge a bit about things.

This is also a personal test of using SQLite as the back-end for a WordPress blog. So you can expect something involving photos. But so far it does work.

And my birthday is coming up, so Yay!

Hot Dog SQLite is Here

For the geeks here, you know that this blog runs on WordPress. And that WordPress requires MySQL/MariaDB. Which I don’t like. It’s too much stuff for a database driver. It can handle lots of traffic and more. But for something like this – a small blog, with hits counted, on most days, by counting without taking your shoes off. So I heard a rumor that you could run WordPress on SQLite. In short, it is a file-based SQL compliant database driver. I’d look for something even lighter. But, in truth, SQLite is light enough. I’ve used SQLite for projects over the years. I know it. So Yay.

I tracked down a guy in Brazil who uses SQLite today. He also is working on reviving the SQLite plugin for WordPress. (He does a lot of other software too.) You can see his work here. Or his how to install SQLite today.

If you want to use it – go ahead, It Works.

2019 September 1

It´s a new month. I promised on August 1 to update you. In July it was Watercolor Month. August became a writing month, specifically Blog It Month. So far so good. There are lots of posts, nearly one every day, on a variety of topics. Mark it down as a success.

This inspiration came from Austin Kleon and his book Keep Going. In it he advises to do a little bit every day, to share what you find, and (well) Keep Going.

I´ve chosen a thing to do for September. I´ll tell you about it in October. Why wait to tell? I´m following the advice of putting my energies into doing it, not talking about doing it.

Frittata for Breakfast

Hash browns, hash browns with gravy, smashed potatoes, plain old fried potatoes. There are many ways to have potatoes for breakfast. Lately, I’ve been making them frittata style for breakfast.

Here’s how I make them.

For each person eating:
Have 1 medium-sized potato, boiled up to doneness
grate them into a bowl
add two eggs
beat them up until, well you’ll know.
Add salt and pepper to taste.

That’s the basics.

To the basics add:
finely chopped onions
chopped red or yellow bell pepper
some salsa or hot sauce
or whatever you like

Put it in a skillet preheated to slightly more than medium with a generous coating of olive oil and/or butter. After a little bit, put a cover on it.

Perhaps you’ll want to top them with grated cheese. We used a “mature” cheddar cheese from Great Briton. It’s harder than normal cheese, but not as hard as parmesan, which would also be great. Or a spoonful of soft cheese, treat it like butter and syrup. Tomatoes, roughly chopped, added near the end of cooking is great. I’m sure you can added more things.

Well, that’s how I’ve made them. I’ll be making more soon.