A Month of Gas

“Five gallons sound right?” asked the guy at the gas I station. “Yep,” I replied. The last time I filled the car was in August. August 28! While we were in Salem. And we went back to Salem again to visit my mother-in-law. We have 276 miles, using 5.54 gallons, and that was it for September.

We are enjoying our new retired lives.

And you know, I kinda miss the effects of Covid. We did have a lot of driving to to in April through July. With people not being out to drive. it was easier. Left hand turn across a busy street? No traffic to wait on wile I looked to the right, to the left, to the right, and go. Unlike the old days when I would repeat the right, left, right and so on for enough time that I’d consider turning right and going a different route.

Happy Equinox

Yes, this is the day that we transition from summer to autumn. Or we are entering the dark months. Only six months left until we’re back on the bright side of life.

I did go out today, to view a photo show from Bobby Abrahamson. It was an outdoor show of North Portland Polaroids. This was the first outing, actual social event, I have had since February 27. Wow, over six months without any social events. I’m not counting having a pair of couples over for their visits, my sister was here for my birthday, and I’ve gone out to eat a meal or two with my wife. But to go out and just be someplace for the pleasure, this was a first.

Oh my wow. What a string of life.

Coming Back

There was a reddish patch on the floor. Is it? Well, yes, it is! A shadow! I look into the sky and for the first time in a week I can see the sun. Well Yay Hey goodie goodie.

We are supposed to get rain. Checking the forecast I see that it is to arrive earlier. Perhaps before we go to sleep. This is something I can stay up for, like the stroke of midnight for New Year Day. Nothing will clear our air like rain.

And I must admit, I’m not at all happy with our lives this past week.