TBR Library

The Multnomah County Library is kinda, sorta open. You can’t go in. You can select things and pick them up. Which I do. And already I’m behind in my reading. I’ve got a TBR (To Be Read) pile growing.

My Current, well mostly, TBR pile

Essays in Idleness seemed like a good bit of wisdom from Japan. I got two translations, just to be sure. Emil and the Three Twins is a return to childhood. Numbers in the Dark is a short story collection from Calvin Italo, a favorite of mine since I read If On A Winter’s Night a Traveler. If you haven’t read that, Do It!) The three books on top are all poetry. And the bottom, Chinese Folk Designs, is about paper cutting.

I’ve got some reading to do. I haven;t mentioned my other books waiting.

Another August Ends

And WOW! this year I was able to write something here every day. OK, in truth I had to go back and fill in a couple of days, but WOW! Looking back over the past year’s output I found this text. In it, I wrote about my promises to do something every day of every month. Like I’ve done this year with Writing in August. Like September of 2019, I’ve got plans for September. And I’ll tell you about it in October.

But golly, go visit August 2020 (or 2019 for that matter) and find out what I’ve been curious about.

There’s a dozen or so drafts in skeleton form. So this will continue for quite awhile, no lack of ideas here.

Writing first thing in the morning too.

Starting A New Thing

There’s this thing, One Typed Page (see the link above) that encourages people to submit anything typewritten. A few months ago friend Kent Peterson suggested I might like to submit to the thing. A few weeks ago (August 9) editor Daniel Marleau wrote well, see below. I finally did it.

~ Michael Rasmussen

As you can tell, clean typewriting isn’t necessary. A full-page isn’t necessary. All you need to do is type it, photograph it, and email it to the editor.

You can visit the page or review what I wrote earlier or just subscribe and see what people who like typewriters have to say.


I bought some stamps. They’re too pretty. I’m also going to use them. One set of the stamps I got, there are three different sets, are from Ruth Asawa a sculptor. She worked with wires to explore forms, in the 50s. At last she gets some Postal recognition. It’s not too late. Visit the USPS site and buy some now.