Patience. “Please be patient,” advises Joe Biden. Some people filled with worry have problems being patient. There is a whole big chunk of counting to do. In our times of Covid there are more ballots to count. People did it remotely to protect themselves.

Oregon, and a few other states, had it easy. With our vote by mail with all (in Oregon) ballots due by 8:00 on Tuesday, the counting was business as usually done. We don’t have things like the North Carolina provision of allowing ballots to arrive before the 12th. So we have our ballots counted. They need to wait for all their ballots to be counted.

What if you did not have the chance to wait? What if you knew you would have to wait for results? Like for five years? Warren Buffet advised investors to do just that, make your investment and ignore it for years. Or tax the short term gains at 100%. Patience is good.

Or consider a person with a cancer diagnosis. The rule of thumb is to call it “in remission” for the first five years. You just do not know if your cure is a cure or not. You will not know for those years. Yes, you can believe it, or not, but you do not know.

You cannot know, You can only be patient.

Coming Back

There was a reddish patch on the floor. Is it? Well, yes, it is! A shadow! I look into the sky and for the first time in a week I can see the sun. Well Yay Hey goodie goodie.

We are supposed to get rain. Checking the forecast I see that it is to arrive earlier. Perhaps before we go to sleep. This is something I can stay up for, like the stroke of midnight for New Year Day. Nothing will clear our air like rain.

And I must admit, I’m not at all happy with our lives this past week.

Libraries in Watercolor

Libraries are a nice place to be. Not the go in and cool off on a hot day. Not to warm up on a rainy,cold day. Or, anymore, a place you can go into.

You can still get books there. Put one or more on hold. Make an appointment for when you want to pick it up. Do that and you have a book again.

I like looking at mine. “Mine” as if I owned it. But I still view it as mine and I view it as two other local libraries as nicer. Because it is the one that I go to.

You can enjoy libraries also. Watercolors of them at least. They. well Iwill turn it over to the group that has painted them. As they put it well.

There are plenty more. On Instagram, on the web. Enjoy!