Falling to Prey

A Dutch Oven, three (more) Fountain Pens, they have lured me and I fell prey to their charms. Like the Sirens that bade Odysseus (or Ulysses if you are Latin) to join them. He was tied to a mast so he could hear but not fall prey to their sweet songs.

I fell prey to a Kickstater lure because it has a … reversible? … lid on it. Flip it over and you have a grill for backing on. You can see it here.

I fell prey to Fountain Pens because, well, they’re nice. And I tried a couple of them here at home with all the other pens. And one that was $5 and it works. I’m trying three of the Jetpens Top Five Fountain Pens for Beginners. We shall see how they flow and all that kind of stuff one looks for in a pen. In contrast, I like a refillable ben point pen that takes to the paper and flows. Which I have. But what will I like from Fountain Pens? They arrive in a week or so. I get to try them out.

At least with books, there is Project Gutenberg. Thousands of things to gluttony be a book slut over. All for free. When I’ve got an urge to get something I think I will go with Project Gutenberg. Not that I have a desire for more books. I have a TBR pile from the library.

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