Hot Dog SQLite is Here

For the geeks here, you know that this blog runs on WordPress. And that WordPress requires MySQL/MariaDB. Which I don’t like. It’s too much stuff for a database driver. It can handle lots of traffic and more. But for something like this – a small blog, with hits counted, on most days, by counting without taking your shoes off. So I heard a rumor that you could run WordPress on SQLite. In short, it is a file-based SQL compliant database driver. I’d look for something even lighter. But, in truth, SQLite is light enough. I’ve used SQLite for projects over the years. I know it. So Yay.

I tracked down a guy in Brazil who uses SQLite today. He also is working on reviving the SQLite plugin for WordPress. (He does a lot of other software too.) You can see his work here. Or his how to install SQLite today.

If you want to use it – go ahead, It Works.

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