What? Really?

I opened up email and found this.



ご提供いただいたお支払い情報がカード発行会社のファイルの情報と一致していません。 この問題を解決するには、支払いカードに登録されている名前、住所、電話番号を確認してください。 最近引っ越した場合は、カード発行会社でこの情報を更新する必要があるかもしれません。

~ A spam

Which, according to Google Translate, means:

[Rakuten Ichiba] Payment information does not match

Rakuten Customers

We have retained your Rakuten member account and all pending orders.

The payment information you provided does not match the information in the card issuer’s file. To resolve this issue, please check the name, address and phone number on your payment card. If you recently moved, your card issuer may need to update this information

~ Google Translate

This is the first Japanese based SPAM for me. Fun!! I’ve head it in Italian and Germany and (I think) Spanish before. Add Japanese to the list.

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