Pick Your Sources

Without naming names, consider these two descriptions:

Overall, we rate [redacted] Right-Center biased based on international reporting that slightly leans left and Right biased for Indian national news reporting. Therefore, on the whole, we place them Right-Center. We also rate this source mixed for factual reporting based on poor sourcing.


Overall, we rate [redacted] on the left side of Least Biased based on infrequent stories that favor the left. We also rate them High for factual reporting based on transparency and proper sourcing of information.

Which would you rely on? Which do you trust?

This is, for the record, writing from Media Bias Fact Check. I understand that some readers may consider that source in itself biased. It is widely cited by people who need to know. However, they are described as “amateurish”. (I am troubled by them describing the source as amateurish, without looking at the work they produce.) Compare this site with Ad Fonts Media, source of The Media Bias Chart. That chart is analyzed by a team of people from a wide range of the spectrum. It is also praised. For better or worse the Media Bias Fact Check site and the two places I referred to are not rated.

If you want to know about something, look it up with a news source listed in The Media Bias Chart. There is plenty of reliable, and biased, places that cite unreliable sources.

It is the best you can do.

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