Another View of Me

I have just launched My Typed Page it is kinda blog like. I try to update it daily with more random thoughts. But these are done on a typewriter. In this case the typewriter is currently one of

  • Hermes 3000, my favorite typewriter, a find at Ace Typewriter
  • Hermes Baby, a Spanish language typer, thanks to Kent Peterson who gifted it to me
  • Olympia SM5, another great one, this from a Craigslist
  • Royal KMM, a beast of a typewriter, with a 14″ platen and it weighs 50 pounds or so. I got it from SCRAP.

You can view all of these at my Typewriter Database Gallery. They range in age from 1940 (Royal KMM) to 1967 (Hemes 3000). The Royal was used by a local TV station and had it’s platen replaced let in life, so it has plenty of life left.

Enough digression, go visit it here.

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