Got Some Rain, Got Some Sun

I suspect that there was little talk on social media because they were out enjoying it. We are down into the Good area.

We walked to get some lunch at John’s. This is the most I have walked since September 1. Yes, over two weeks without walking. I’ve only been out of the house twice in the last ten days.

This is not good.

This Is Lockdown

Back in March, I worried about the seriousness of the lockdowns. Would they ban travel? How would they do that? I was driving back and forth to Salem (about 60 miles south) every week. Would I be required to stay in one place or another?

None of that happened. I was essentially free to go about our lives freely. There was a lot, a lot, less traffic. That was pretty nice. No waiting at the intersection looking to the left and right, waiting for a break in traffic. It was there all the time now. Not that there was anywhere to go. But I could get there without issues.

Now we are in lockdown mode. The air quality is so bad that I don’t want to be out and breathing it. How bad? According to IQair Portland has the worst quality air in the world.

We stay inside where, for the most part, we can breathe without any complications. That is a lockdown.

There Was Snow

I got up early, in the dark. I looked outside. And saw a light dusting on my van. Yes, it was like snow in January. Only this is on the side of the year when it never gets that cold. So it was the remains of trees, houses, and all the rest that forest fires burned up and that is the “fog”, our euphemism for haze from the fire. It was still dark, like in January, until later in the morning. And, like in January, it was a day for lights all day long.

TBR Library

The Multnomah County Library is kinda, sorta open. You can’t go in. You can select things and pick them up. Which I do. And already I’m behind in my reading. I’ve got a TBR (To Be Read) pile growing.

My Current, well mostly, TBR pile

Essays in Idleness seemed like a good bit of wisdom from Japan. I got two translations, just to be sure. Emil and the Three Twins is a return to childhood. Numbers in the Dark is a short story collection from Calvin Italo, a favorite of mine since I read If On A Winter’s Night a Traveler. If you haven’t read that, Do It!) The three books on top are all poetry. And the bottom, Chinese Folk Designs, is about paper cutting.

I’ve got some reading to do. I haven;t mentioned my other books waiting.