Data Mules

Imagine a time when, no matter how secure the encryption seems, it’s deemed necessary to physically transport data between locations. Perhaps via a chip implanted in a messenger.
An early draft of what that might be like.

Implant Messengers aka Data Mules
Implant Messengers aka Data Mules

Typewriter Takeover

Before typewriters many jobs required a fine “hand.” A hand in this context meant the quality of one’s writing. Clerks, certainly, required this skill. Their function was to create legible records.  Professionals such as lawyers also required a fine hand. With the introduction of typewriters a fine hand became less important and speed and accuracy with the machine became the skill needed.

At some point this extended to resumes and job applications.  When did the hand written resume die out? Certainly before I entered the job market in the 1970s.  I have memories of my mom typing dad’s resume in the early 1960s. A typewritten resume was required as much as descring the family status. “Married with three children” was included with job history and military discharge status. My wife reports that in the 1980s there were still some ads that requested hand written resumes – oddly these were for laboring, physical effort jobs, not office positions.

Now resumes are expected in electronic form. The frequent requirement is a Word document or PDF file. Paper is not appreciated.

When might we return to handwritten resumes? I suspect a candidate for some creative position in advertising or gallery work or perhaps someone wishing to be a personal assistant will lead the way. The word of their hand written application and resume will spread and be emulated.

I’m not holding my breath.

Web Browser Alphabet

Web browsers keep track of sites you visit. Many helpfully (??) provide the name of the site as you type so you can just press enter and go to it. Here is Web Browser Alphabet, the site suggested when I type each of the letters in the alphabet. H, I, and K don’t have a suggestion.  What’s your web alphabet like?

  • archive
  • bogelheads
  • capitalone360
  • duckduckgo
  • en.wikipedia
  • facebook
  • google
  • h
  • i
  • jamhome
  • k
  • laidout
  • multcolib
  • oglaf
  • postsecret
  • questionalbecontent
  • roku
  • smbc-comics
  • twitter
  • usbank
  • vccb
  • wordpress
  • xkcd
  • youtube
  • zillow

Chinese Spam

A large amount of Chinese spam has recently been arriving. For example: 后那甜美的

For your entertainment here is a  sanitized collection of some of the more entertaining Google translated subject lines.

After that sweet
Day finally played to the big milk young woman
Goddess and vibrating sticks
I am unable to extricate myself from the tender
Nurse beauty exposed milk spout shot on my spot sprayed
It’s really feeling
Inadvertently made a friend with the hair, the results out of control
Spring Festival holiday wife tender light pat.
The temptation of the living room of the cooked woman
Eggs Elegant Lingerie show than the United States
Beauty points
Come and take me … please! To feel so comfortable