What I Do

What do I do? The list of things I have in my list, like:

  • Drive Jen to dentist
  • Letters !!
  • Eye exerdises
  • Select photos for October book
  • Walk
  • Test scanner for color film
  • Chickwheat

Remains largely undone that day. So, what do I do? I tracked them yesterday. As I finished something I would note the time. The start time would come from the prior entry. Yesterday’s entries included.

8:00 Morning pages
9:20 Coffee & emails, including Austin Kleon‘s weekly explorations
9:37 Brush teeth, shower, and shave
10:05 Latin lessons (3)

11:15 Breakfast
11:24 Emails
12:04 Mind of Watercolor YouTube and side trip to White Rabbit, tough to hear

1:07 Meditation
2:17 Eat lunch, watch Hank Green and Bosh! and Pasta Grannies on YouTube
3:47 Record blood pressure from 9/11 to today, email to doctor

4:55 Reading and coffee
6:25 To library and a dinner out
7:55 Reading
11:00 Roku, Pinkly Blinders

Yes, I’m leaving some things out, as indicated by … I was surprised by how quickly I did dishes and how long it took to do things on the computer. Lots of time on YouTube and email processing. Do I need to cut them down? To be explored.