ML: Ace Typewriter

Getting things fixed, like plumbing, cars, refrigerators, whatever is frequently an exercise in sticker shock. The fixer usually can give you a list of other things that you should take care of when you can. As in, can catch your breath to pay for them. All of this with vague or jargon filled explanations of what was done or needs to be done.

Imagine the opposite experience. The repairman gives full, easy to understand explanation of what was done, there’s nothing else that needs doing, and it costs less than you expected. Perhaps you’re given a couple of tips on how to keep it all working great for the long.

Can you imagine that? If you’re having trouble doing so, get a typewriter and take it to Ace Typewriter. Or go to Ace to get your typewriter from one of the restored machines on the shelf. There are portables and desktop typewriters. All are in great condition.

All of this comes to you from owner Matt, a lifelong typewriter repair person.

One word of warning, the business is well known among typewriter owners throughout the country. There can be a long line of machines waiting to be serviced.