366 Days

If you have ever worked in a factory, you know the signs. X Days Since Last Accident. I’m going to add one of these to
my wall. X Days Until Last Hospital Vist.

It was 366 days since I was released from my TAVR/Heart_Attack/Stroke/etc visit. I was preparing to take my car into a mechanic, walk the six and a half miles home. It was part of my healing, rebuilding life.

And then I was up early, about 3:30. I coughed up something that didn’t feel right. So I spit into toilet paper. I will leave the description to “bright red and a lot.” Over the next couple of hours I this persisted. I packed up my backpack and called the ambulance. The next day it seems to have subsided. A Broncospcy did not show any active bleeding. After a night of observation I was released. This, by the way, is a side effect of the agressiver radiation treatment for Hodgkin’s Cancer in 1986. It was early treatments and all they really knew.

Less than 24 hours later it was back. Jennifer called her friend Billy and he saved us a call to the ambulance. I’m back in. More consulets today. Probably surgery on Wednesday. We will see.

When I get home I’m putting the X Days Since sign. Shooting to keep it incrementing.