It’s Called Lobectomy

That’s what I had this fall. And it seems to fit today. A day of fixing things that shouldn’t be broken, but they are. A website that wasn’t updating. Another one that hasn’t migrated. Then there was the car not locking the car up. It’s one of those things where you close and lock and unlock with a thing that you press the button on. Not today. Or the rebuilding of a laptop since the old one was stolen. And there was the lookup of,, and all the rest. Name resolution broke. And that lead to people’s email to me failing, and that lead me to needing to figure out why it broke. Which I did. But I should have a while ago. Before it was totally broken.

So with all the stuff broken, I may as well tell you I had a lobectomy. Upper node on my left side was removed. No, I don’t smoke. No, I’ve never smoked. I did have radiation treatment way back when, when the blasted you with as much as you could tolerate. Arteries would suddenly pop and I’d cough up blood.

Two good things come out of this. 1) I should remember what it’s called, lobectomy. 2) Now, maybe, I can scuba dive since I don’t need to worry about the lung spontaneously bursting.


Out niece Lucy was visiting (between Boston and Milan, a different story) and she offered to take us out to breakfast. But where? We decided to go to Hawthorne, park, and walk until we settled upon a place. Jennifer had thought of The Hazel Room, but was open to other places. While walking along we saw and was tempted by a place. A place that was a favorite twenty years ago. A place we had not been into in more than a decade. Why not go there? Relive a bit of our old lives?

Because it’s gone downhill. Masivly so. Terribly so. Wonder how they can still stay open. Wonder how they can charge $2.75 for coffee. And we wonder how long they can stay open. We wonder if the founder is still involved with it. And if she’s ashamed of herself.

If you find youself on Hawthone Blvd in Portland, visit The Hazel Room. The place we should have gone to.

Thanking God

It would really help if I could read my own handwriting. Add that to my list: Improve Handwriting.

Maybe I’ll be able to figure it out and I can add the post here.

What E. coli?

Looking through my notes I see “eColi [sic] outbreak.” It must have seemed important at the time.

Anyone have an idea? Don’t tell me. It’s what I get for paying attention to the news.

Low Blood Pressure 2019 August

Most people who have had a heart attack also have high blood pressure. Not me. Well, my blood pressure is easily controlled. I had very mild high blood pressure. After the heart attack, it was decided to treat it. And now I have low blood pressure. It is low enough that I’m not released from the place where I get treatment for cardiac issues.

It’s part of my condition. Hopefully we can work it out.

Kidding Me or Trolling

I came across this on Facebook. Barring being vegetarian, vegan, a celiac, or another allergy I just cannot see the reason for not eating anything on the list. I’ve had them all and would happily do so again.

Really, why?

Can’t See for Shit

What was to be my last big appointment wasn’t
The doctor was ever so helpful with the things she can’t help me with. She did verify the physical heath of my eyes. And she did refer me to the, hopefully, correct specialist. In the meantime I wait for a cal to schedule my hopefully last specialist. In the meantime I sit in the dilated, overexposed world.