Number 20 Complete

Yes, 20 booklets filled with writing. A rather long one this time, lots of skipping due to having a hunk of lung chopped out. I did, to my surprise complete four books. I wholeheartedly recommend all four.

And while I’m recommending, Morning Pages, from Julia Cameron, is also recommended. For people who want more creative work in their lives. It doesn’t need to involve writing or other things normally thought of as art. It does require commitment.

With the upper left node of my lung gone and I’m now 37 Days without a hospital visit. With both of those in place, I’m working on beating the 366 day streak. Yeah, yeah, I know that’s pretty normal. But for me, it’s big now.

2019 December 1

What happened to November? It was a month of doing nothing. I cannot even take credit for resting up. I did do Duolingo daily. In contrast to everything else, I do on a daily basis. I didn’t even drink coffee every day.

Welcome to December!

While I worked December was a month of hard freezes – no changes. It was a month of people squeezing in vacation time before they lost it at the end of the year.

Now I take the month to look at what I’ve done, the big review. I’ll tell you about in on January 1.

263+ to 193

After my recent medical adventure, my weight is down to 193. The last time I weighed this little was in 1989? 1990? Somewhere around there. It was part of the subtle weight gain. Just three pounds each year. It never seemed like much at the time. Until I felt it.

I really felt it was time to lose weight when it felt like I’d broken a toe. “Gout,” said my doctor. He x-rayed it to reassure me. But yes, he was right. I had gout. He was also wrong, weight loss did affect gout. It got better. I also used gout reoccurrence as hints that I was gained weight again.

I cannot recommend visiting hospitals and having major surgeries as a weight loss program. But hey! it works. I had plateaued at 204-208. Now I’m close to the “normal” weight as stated by BMI charts.

Actually, I’m more interested in converted fat into muscle. When you lose weight, at least the way I have, is to lose muscles first. As I exercise – a big recommendation from all doctors – is to regain the lost muscles. That’s number one to do.

Fourth Day

I’m obsessed. I’m breakless, mostly. Part of my lung is missing. I miss it. On the other hand, I no longer have some blood vessels bursting and flooding my airways with blood. So now, for instance, I can safely go scuba diving. Yeah, right. As soon as I gain enough lung capacity to make a dive. Note – it’s not required to be able to swim a mile. Though I imagine it does not hurt.

It is something to look forward to.


Three Days without Hospitalisation.

Yes, I’m counting.

On the good side, I now weigh 197 pounds. My next mini-goal is 195.

On the surprising side, I find it very difficult to walk. No 10 mile walks on the path to a half marathon. I’m not shooting for a single mile.

One, Again

If you are familiar with a place that works, that makes things, you are perhaps familiar with the sing X Days Without an Accident.

I am starting a sign at my house. As of today we have

One Day Without Hospitalization.

I was up to 366 days. It is time to work on a new record.

Another Quiet Day

In the hospital. But this one is especially quiet. No tests, nothing but being under observation. Tomorrow is the big day. The day of getting cut, in a very advanced way.

I like to say I used up all my bad luck last year. We all hope this is true.

366 Days

If you have ever worked in a factory, you know the signs. X Days Since Last Accident. I’m going to add one of these to
my wall. X Days Until Last Hospital Vist.

It was 366 days since I was released from my TAVR/Heart_Attack/Stroke/etc visit. I was preparing to take my car into a mechanic, walk the six and a half miles home. It was part of my healing, rebuilding life.

And then I was up early, about 3:30. I coughed up something that didn’t feel right. So I spit into toilet paper. I will leave the description to “bright red and a lot.” Over the next couple of hours I this persisted. I packed up my backpack and called the ambulance. The next day it seems to have subsided. A Broncospcy did not show any active bleeding. After a night of observation I was released. This, by the way, is a side effect of the agressiver radiation treatment for Hodgkin’s Cancer in 1986. It was early treatments and all they really knew.

Less than 24 hours later it was back. Jennifer called her friend Billy and he saved us a call to the ambulance. I’m back in. More consulets today. Probably surgery on Wednesday. We will see.

When I get home I’m putting the X Days Since sign. Shooting to keep it incrementing.

What I Do

What do I do? The list of things I have in my list, like:

  • Drive Jen to dentist
  • Letters !!
  • Eye exerdises
  • Select photos for October book
  • Walk
  • Test scanner for color film
  • Chickwheat

Remains largely undone that day. So, what do I do? I tracked them yesterday. As I finished something I would note the time. The start time would come from the prior entry. Yesterday’s entries included.

8:00 Morning pages
9:20 Coffee & emails, including Austin Kleon‘s weekly explorations
9:37 Brush teeth, shower, and shave
10:05 Latin lessons (3)

11:15 Breakfast
11:24 Emails
12:04 Mind of Watercolor YouTube and side trip to White Rabbit, tough to hear

1:07 Meditation
2:17 Eat lunch, watch Hank Green and Bosh! and Pasta Grannies on YouTube
3:47 Record blood pressure from 9/11 to today, email to doctor

4:55 Reading and coffee
6:25 To library and a dinner out
7:55 Reading
11:00 Roku, Pinkly Blinders

Yes, I’m leaving some things out, as indicated by … I was surprised by how quickly I did dishes and how long it took to do things on the computer. Lots of time on YouTube and email processing. Do I need to cut them down? To be explored.