Do you listen to 10% Happier? It’s an app, it’s a podcast, it’s a YouTube video. Well OK, there are many YouTube videos. Lots of podcasts. But 10% Happier is a place where you can start for free. I’ve been a starter since 2015. Enjoying the benefits of the App for Android phones (yes, there’s an iApp too) for years now.

This is something that I know people can preach about. So I’m done. But, if you do try it and want to talk, get a hold of me.

Give it a whirl, as described here in Meditation 101. Or right here:

On Caring

Despite my best efforts, I understand a third Democratic “debate” is about to happen. I’m not watching. I finally found this gem of a Vlogbrothers post, which has in part sums up my feelings. In response I commented:

John, I really think it’s time to reshow this again. It was hard enough to find. But now, well gee. Look what the extended primary got us.

OK, maybe make a new vlog episode or just slap a header on this and run it again. As we approach the third Democratic “debates” it’s really time.

Me, on the comments

So watch and decide for yourself.

Frittata for Breakfast

Hash browns, hash browns with gravy, smashed potatoes, plain old fried potatoes. There are many ways to have potatoes for breakfast. Lately, I’ve been making them frittata style for breakfast.

Here’s how I make them.

For each person eating:
Have 1 medium-sized potato, boiled up to doneness
grate them into a bowl
add two eggs
beat them up until, well you’ll know.
Add salt and pepper to taste.

That’s the basics.

To the basics add:
finely chopped onions
chopped red or yellow bell pepper
some salsa or hot sauce
or whatever you like

Put it in a skillet preheated to slightly more than medium with a generous coating of olive oil and/or butter. After a little bit, put a cover on it.

Perhaps you’ll want to top them with grated cheese. We used a “mature” cheddar cheese from Great Briton. It’s harder than normal cheese, but not as hard as parmesan, which would also be great. Or a spoonful of soft cheese, treat it like butter and syrup. Tomatoes, roughly chopped, added near the end of cooking is great. I’m sure you can added more things.

Well, that’s how I’ve made them. I’ll be making more soon.

Book Lovers Day

August 9 is the National Book Lovers Day. What are you doing to celebrate? I’m celebrating with my current read, Soft Hearted Stories. Though I may pick up a copy of Cat’s Cradle, by Kurt Vonnegut. It’s currently on hold at the local library, waiting for me. Books are insanely cheap. Consider the price, the time it takes to consume, the enrichment of your life.

They’re the best.

From the article at National Book Lovers Day

BALLYCUMBER: Coined by writer Douglas Adams, “One of the six half-read books lying somewhere in your bed.”  

TSUNDOKU: And our favorite, a Japanese word describes piling up books to save for later … even if you’ll never actually read them. And which you can read much more about here: Tsundoku: The practice of buying more books than you can read.

Reading: Show Your Work

Today I completed the Austin Kleon trilogy, our of order, with Show Your Work. It does not cover getting gigs, publishing, shows, or any of that stuff. Any of that stuff that comes under the heading of showing a bit of art. Instead, it’s about you showing or sharing your work. Sharing is key here. Share the process of the making, not just the finished product.

Do this everyday, “Share something small everyday.” Everyday. There is advise for the people who don’t create that much yet. Share who you admire or steal from. Certainly there’s something you’ve done (watch a YouTube video?) that you want to tell someone about it. Do that.

There’s more, but that’s what the book is about.

Notes from "Show Your Work"
Notes from Show Your Work

ML: Biblio

When one thinks of online shopping, especially for books, Amazon comes to mind. I’ve been an Amazon customer since 1996. Recent news of the working conditions in Amazon warehouses, including low pay and a surveillance heavy workplace have dulled my appetite to shop there.

Disclaimer: I’m also weaning myself from the impulse-driven habit I’ve developed.

Wouldn’t it be nice to shop at a local bookstore? As a Portland, Oregon resident there are many great choices. You may not be so fortunate in your local bookstore selection. For you I heartily recommend Biblio.

Biblio serves as an online presence for scads of independent booksellers while supporting a 501(c)3 organization that performs charitable work promoting literacy and bringing libraries to underserved populations.

This combination is wonderful.