By The Numbers

TAVR &Adventure By The Numbers

1 Surgery Scheduled
7 Surgery Performed
3 Daily Pills Consumed
21 Daily Pills Consumed
2 Days in hospital expected
28 Days in hospital
14 Days in rehab center
59 Days with Mom
0 Days spent kicking all painkillers
5 Visit from dogs
4 Days with no memories, total blackout
9 Cardiologist MDs, that I’m aware of
3 Other MDs
3 Home visit RN nurses
18 Both facility RN nurses, that I remember
6 Nurses that assisted with taking a bath
1 Birthdays with no memory
7 Relatives visiting
5 Hours spent withTV entertainment, total
22 Days without bathing
1 Outdoor walk
5 New scars
26 Pounds lost
28 New stitch lines from sternum cracking
4 Average number of daily walks in hospital
2468 Emails backed up
654 Spam or political emails

PS, Numbers from contributes

1 Life saved
108 Pages filled with notes (should have been up in the main. This is what I did instead of watching TV.)

Summer of Anticipation

More than any other season summers seem to have themes. At least this is true in my life. 2017 was The Glide Path to Retirement. 1979 was The Time of Red Wine and Steamer Clams. 2005 was The Return to US Bank.

This summer, 2018, has been the Summer of Anticipation. In May an echocardiogram showed severe aortic stenosis. A condition which if left untreated has a death rate of over 80% within five years.  Fortunately, it is a treatable condition. As this appears I’m in the hospital for a TAVR – transcatheter aortic valve replacement.  From May until now I’ve been going through diagnostic testing to assure I’m fit for the procedure and waiting for the next step.

Today is the final step and my Summer of Anticipation draws to a close.

Nada Dura Para Siempre

It’s been an exceptionally hot and dry summer here in Portland. For better or worse “nada dura para siempre“, nothing lasts forever. And so our hot and dry spell is over. Perhaps it’s fitting that the end came the week before the end of summer season, marked in the USA by the Labor Day holiday weekend.

As a rain lover this is a fun time.

Scrambled Eggs

On Quora a person asked, Do you really need to mix scrambled eggs before pouring into the pan?

I answered:

Since you’re asking this question on Quora, I’ll assume you’re a citizen of an industrialized country. I’ll further assume you are not an impoverished citizen. The rest of my answer rests on the foundation of those assumptions. In essence, I assume you can afford to spend the money to buy a dozen eggs and possibly “ruin” a few of them.

Eggs are cheap. With relative ease you can get the answer for yourself. Buy a dozen. Each day for six days make a pair of scrambled eggs for yourself changing the mixing time, maybe the heat level. Pay attention to how you do it each day and how you liked the results. Try to not forget too much.

On the seventh day review your notes and/or memories. You will then know with absolute certainty if you really need to mix the eggs before pouring in order to have scrambled eggs prepared the way you like.

Ray Freeman responded, “I came here to give this answer. thanks for saving me the trouble.”


What do you consider a significant improvement? Recently a record was set by a margin of 16 seconds. The old record was eight minutes thirteen seconds, 8m13s. The new record is seven minutes fifty-seven seconds, 7m57s.

For this thirteen-second improvement is described as smashing, crushing, and trouncing. Strong language. Pause, count to twenty. Did that take long? Doesn’t really seem so, does it?

When you are working on a skill, keep in mind small improvements are significant.

A Gift of Dog Songs

Today’s mail brought a copy of Mary Oliver’s Dog Songs: thirty-five dog songs and one essay. This is a book of poems about dogs, all of them lovely and loved. The poems are accompanied by pen and ink drawing by illustrator John Burgoyne.

This is a heartwarming book that we decided to buy while reading a library copy. The used copy we received is in pristine condition. It does not seem to have ever been read. If it has been read, not extensively. Inside there was a note.

A gift from:
Sara J Cobb
Hi Rob, Happy BDay! I feel as if I know you yet not enough yet. But I hope you like M. O. My fav is pg 31.
I wish you the best of birthdays. Meeting you was one of the best blessings of 2013. Hugs!
From S.

It seems Rob did not enjoy the book. Did he even read it once? Here’s hoping life has worked out well for the two of them, especially the thoughtful Sara.

The favorite poem she cites is this:

Benjamin. Who came from who knows where

What shall I do?
When I pick up the broom
      he leaves the room.
While I fuss with kindling he
      runs for the yard.
Then he’s back, and we
      hug for a long time.
In his low-to-the-ground chest
      I can hear his heart slowing down.
Then I rub his shoulders and
      kiss his feet
and fondle his long hound ears.
      Benny, I say,
don’t worry. I also know the way
      the old life haunts the new.

Note: we did not buy this book via Amazon.

ML: Biblio

When one thinks of online shopping, especially for books, Amazon comes to mind. I’ve been an Amazon customer since 1996. Recent news of the working conditions in Amazon warehouses, including low pay and a surveillance heavy workplace have dulled my appetite to shop there.

Disclaimer: I’m also weaning myself from the impulse-driven habit I’ve developed.

Wouldn’t it be nice to shop at a local bookstore? As a Portland, Oregon resident there are many great choices. You may not be so fortunate in your local bookstore selection. For you I heartily recommend Biblio.

Biblio serves as an online presence for scads of independent booksellers while supporting a 501(c)3 organization that performs charitable work promoting literacy and bringing libraries to underserved populations.

This combination is wonderful.