Does a Turtle Know

After 20 years in captivity, a loggerhead turtle was released into the sea. She thrived. She swam from Cape Town, South Africa to Australia, her birthplace.

Twenty years ago, “Yoshi arrived at Cape Town’s Two Oceans Aquarium after crew on a Japanese fishing boat found her with a damaged shell.” This was a bigger project for Two Oceans Aquarium. It had only been open for a couple of years. They took on the turtle and kept her. They learned enough that they took on other turtles to rehabilitate.

Well, read the rest here. It’s fascinating.

Unanswered it how the turtle knew where to go. How to communicate with other turtles. They did “train” her to swim longer distances and she ended up spending year or so in the area. But then she took off for Australia.

Lips Pursed

She watched me as she chewed her gum with concentation, lips pursed.

Open Door, Iosi Havilio

As I was reading Open Door, by Iosi Havilio, from And Other Stories I tripped on the “lips pursed”. What does that really mean? A page of images shows a variety of lips even in the first six images. A dictionary is not much help, talking mostly about handbags. Though that might be because the word is not used in that way very often.

In this case, with the girl chewing, it well it gets you to thinking. That’s a great thing for a book to do.

What You Want to Eat

Confession time. I’ll go to an Indian restaurant and look at the menu. Aloo Mutter? Palak Peneer? Malai Kofti? Ask me to tell you in English what they are and you’ll get a guess. It doesn’t really matter if I know what I’m ordering, Indian food is by and large great stuff to eat. It helps that I’m an omnivore and like it all. And If I thought I was ordering potatoes and get spinach instead, well that’s OK.

But what if what you ordered isn’t what you expect when you get it? Like you order an Impossible Burger and they serve a beef pattie instead? Or you order a burger with blue cheese and it is nowhere to be found? OK, the simple answer is pointing this out to the server. But wait, had I ordered what I thought I had? It was loud. I pointed. Maybe they brought what they thought I’d ordered.

I’m perplexed. Did I get what I’d imagined or what I asked for?

What Do You Do With It All?

Joe Van Cleve has a problem. It is a good one. He has too much stuff. No, he’s not a hoarder. He writes, he photographs, he writes poems, he typewrites, he keeps doing it and keeping it all. Binders and folders of stuff he’s created. Scads of stuff, he has scads of stuff. All filling up space. And he does not know what to do with it.

So he made a video explaining his problem and asking his viewers for their input. I gave some. I don’t think it will be helpful. But maybe it can be helpful, just a bit.

Watch the 10 minutes below for his description of his problem. How much of it do you understand? I’m looking at you photographers.

Number 20 Complete

Yes, 20 booklets filled with writing. A rather long one this time, lots of skipping due to having a hunk of lung chopped out. I did, to my surprise complete four books. I wholeheartedly recommend all four.

And while I’m recommending, Morning Pages, from Julia Cameron, is also recommended. For people who want more creative work in their lives. It doesn’t need to involve writing or other things normally thought of as art. It does require commitment.

With the upper left node of my lung gone and I’m now 37 Days without a hospital visit. With both of those in place, I’m working on beating the 366 day streak. Yeah, yeah, I know that’s pretty normal. But for me, it’s big now.

Clyfford Still Museum

Big Reasons to Go:

  • Clyfford Still MuseumYou’re a fan of Still’s work
  • In-house art-making space with encouraging and helpful staffer
  • The museum shows a progression of Still’s work – this is a great help if you don’t “get” abstract expressionism but are curious
  • Quarterly rotations of the displayed works
  • Great gallery rooms with beautiful lighting
  • The most helpful museum staff I’ve ever met. The guards aren’t there just to scold you away when you get too close.
  • They’ll fetch a chair if you want to sit and contemplate when the benches aren’t where you’d like to sit.

Find out more about it on their website, Clyfford Still Museum. I went last summer and remembered the pleasures.