Nudging the Direction

A few days ago I wrote On Caring, about paying attention to the US elections, so far in advance of our selection. Why is our selection process so long? Part of it goes back to Kennedy who was considered “too Catholic” when he announced his candidacy. Now we have fringe candidates pushing their (our?) pet peeves. One example is Governor Jay Inslee’s pushing about climate change. His candidacy did not continue, but his ideas do.

I’m now caring and have supported Andrew Yang. He shares with former Vice President Joe Biden the ability to attract Trump supporters. That’s a winner of a candidate’s position. Yang also has a simple, like Trump, slogan, MATH – Make American’s Think Harder.

Will he win? I don’t care. I do care that his positions deserve more attention. He more attention he gets the more his positions will get. He puts Humanity First. Where it belongs.

Here’s a light headed review of Yang’s positions.

On Caring

Despite my best efforts, I understand a third Democratic “debate” is about to happen. I’m not watching. I finally found this gem of a Vlogbrothers post, which has in part sums up my feelings. In response I commented:

John, I really think it’s time to reshow this again. It was hard enough to find. But now, well gee. Look what the extended primary got us.

OK, maybe make a new vlog episode or just slap a header on this and run it again. As we approach the third Democratic “debates” it’s really time.

Me, on the comments

So watch and decide for yourself.

Crickets Sleeping

I’m waiting for tonight and we’ll make a fire and sit outside enjoying the summer sounds

Me, yesterday

When do crickets go to sleep

In the nights, in August
we have the sounds of crickets
telling us the temperature they say

In the morning, while still dark it is silent
they, the crickets, have gone to sleep
I’ve tried to stay up and listen for them to sleep
going silent bit by bit

but I can’t
they are there when I sleep and gone when I awake
even early, at 3:00
when do they stop, and go to sleep


Quick Poll:

How many books did you read in the last month?

 How many books did you read in the last year?

Let me know via any channel you have.

Ryan Holiday seems to read a lot. He writes about it, including the blocks to doing so, in How to Read More — A Lot More. But the fun quote, for a slow reader like me, is his statement “Even though I read hundreds of books every single year, I actually read quite slow. In fact, I read deliberately slow…”.

He has a kinda secret. You can find it if you are interested.

If I had to steal books to support my reading habit, I would.
~ Ryan Holiday

Ryan Holiday in How to Read More — A Lot More

List of Lists

A To Do lists in not one that I have. But there are a few. Like these.

  • Areas of Obsession
  • Authors
  • Bad Influences
  • Cars Owned
  • Celebrity Crushes
  • Countries Visited
  • Earworms
  • Fall Foods
  • Frission Songs
  • Irritations
  • Lessons Not Learned
  • Movie Moments
  • Nostalgic Items
  • Photographers
  • Pivitol Life Events
  • Places I’ve Lived
  • Scars
  • Spring Foods
  • States I’ve Lived In
  • Summer Foods
  • Things Found After Buying New
  • Things I Adore
  • Things I Dont Do Well
  • Things I Dont Share with Peers
  • Things I Dont Understand
  • Things I Wish I Liked Better
  • Things That Make Me Cry
  • Tribes
  • Trivia About Me
  • Why I Like
  • Winter Foods
  • Women Mentors

Books May to July

This is a list of what I read from May through July. It seems to be pretty light reading. Well, to my eyes. What about you?

  • The Thirteen Clocks, James Thurber
  • Turtles All The Way Down, John Green
  • Keep Going, Austin Kleon
  • Review of Steal Like an Artist, Austin Kleon
  • 3×4, Ivan Brunetti
  • Wordplay, Ivan Brunetti
  • Show Your Work, Austin Kleon
  • Queen of a Rainy Country, Linda Pastan (incomplete reading)

I’m currently reading Soft Hearted Stories, from Jenny Forrestor and Vonnegut’s Cat’s Cradle.

Free Library

Being the kind of place that Portland is, there are lots of Free Library sites around. They are on the edge of the lawn, homemade, and filled with a variety of books. One problem with them are the people who drive around, grab the good stuff, and sell them. I don’t know if they stock their stores or take them in for sale. But, unfortunately, this happens.

Rather than getting disappointed one local free librarian has taken the matter into their hands. They had a stamp made. And a warning sign for the outside of their library. The would be reseller is warned.

Once Upon A Time

We went and saw a movie last night. Yeah, it was good. The film is “a tribute to the final moments of Hollywood’s golden age.” This movie is set in 1969. Most (all?) movie critics consider the Golden Age for movies to have ended in the 1950s. Which raises the question, “what is a golden age?”

I tried to find it on Wikipedia. Which leads you to a disambiguation page. “Golden Age refers to a mythological period of primeval human existence perceived as an ideal state when human beings were pure and free from suffering. ” The lead article is about a time in Greek mythology that was the first of five great times for humans. The lead article also lists Golden Ages for Hindu, Bramha Kumaris, Norse, Bible, Fantasy, and Present-day usage.

It seems the term golden age is being applied to many things. If you’re looking for a rabbit hole to disappear into, this one is ready.