Bread Again

This is a place to share successes. Yet, without mistakes and failures, you don’t learn. After my first “good” loaf I took off on changing things. I had failures. Yet, I don’t know enough about the bread process to know just where I went wrong.

I think part of it was too wet dough. But was I using a starter that wasn’t fully ready yet? For a loaf we wanted to eat I had to return to the basics. Verify the starter by float testing it. Verify the dough by measuring everything out completely and not futzing with it later. I did both of these things yesterday.

And gee, just like Jack says, it works. It works well. Really well. On to repeating it!

Morning Thoughts

If I could read my own handwriting it would help. I think I wondered about these things.

Buying things on a whim. I used to do this all the time. Those days are gone. I’m living on savings! Yesterday I bought replacement pens for those that went’s not like II/we don’t have plenty of pens around the house. But I’ve gotten attached to a ballpoint pen and these models specifically. I’ll have them soon enough.

Kent Peterson seems to buy a bunch of things via eBay. As it turns out he does. For small things, he can buy things for half the price he’s found them elsewhere. That does come with the cost of waiting for the items to be shipped from China. He’s willing to wait.

Last night at Bella’s, an Italian bakery and market, their guy Matt came by with or bottle of wine and another bottle. He was pouring samples of a white. It was a mixture of varietals from southern Italy. It was dry, it was great. We’re hoping he can get it in for all the time. It was a fine start to our evening. (Thursday night is Pizza Night – from 4:00 to 8:00.)

While I’m on my whim I ordered up refills for my pens. Like Kent, I have time to wait for them to arrive. I noticed that Amazon’s listing also stated “Note: Available at a lower price from other sellers, potentially without free Prime shipping.” The “other sellers” were from Japan, who also ships for free. I had ordered from these other sellers a while ago. I’m looking forward to receiving them. Especially with the thank-you note.

As to the last thing I noted this morning, well if you can figure it out please let me know. I’ll talk about it then. Yes, I have a pack of table order things, like they use in restaurants. They’re great for keeping todo lists.

A Glut of Books

There I was, reading through a pair of books I have. It was great. Then boom! Five books arrive at the library after weeks on hold. Lots of variety also. Two novels, two instructionals, a book of poetry. It’s heaven. If I could read at a normal pace.

We should always have problems like this.

Lips Pursed

She watched me as she chewed her gum with concentation, lips pursed.

Open Door, Iosi Havilio

As I was reading Open Door, by Iosi Havilio, from And Other Stories I tripped on the “lips pursed”. What does that really mean? A page of images shows a variety of lips even in the first six images. A dictionary is not much help, talking mostly about handbags. Though that might be because the word is not used in that way very often.

In this case, with the girl chewing, it well it gets you to thinking. That’s a great thing for a book to do.

Favorite Pen Missing

Thanks to Wirecutter (a review site) I found and bought a Uni-Ball Jetstream, well a pack of three. I’ve used them ever since – like in my daily Morning Pages (20+ so far) and everywhere else. Now two of the three are missing.

How much do I love these? Enough that I’ve purchased over 70 refill ink barrels. I’ve been using the same pens all this time. Write, write, write, pen goes dry, peel open a packet of ink, swap it out, write, write, write again. Many of those were ordered from Japan. Because, well why not? And I would get nice thank you notes with them.

And to think, they were recommended in 2013 and they still are today. And for much of the same reasons.

We interviewed experts with thousands of hours of experience testing stationery, and subjected their favorite pens to nearly 70 professionally picky Wirecutter staffers, to affirm that the Uni-ball Jetstream is the best pen for everyday writing. It’s easy to find in stores, it writes smoothly on most paper, and it’s affordable enough that you won’t be heartbroken if someone permanently borrows it.

Wirecutter Review

You can find them at JetPens while you geek out on writing instruments. (like here or here) Or, ahem, Amazon. Check on their review of ballpoint pens – which has a list of pens recommended for different uses: professional, student, eco-friendly, colored. This list goes on. AND they have information. You know why you’re buying whatever. See Below:

But for your pen that is recommended for everyday use, here’s what they say:

The Uni Jetstream is our favorite ballpoint pen, and a perennial best seller. Its low-viscosity ink is some of the smoothest, darkest, and most consistent ink we’ve encountered in a ballpoint pen, and a pleasure to write with. In addition, the Jetstream is available in several versions so that anyone can find a style they like. Unusually for a ballpoint pen, its tip sizes range from a super-fine 0.38 mm to a broad 1 mm and it comes in 13 vibrant ink colors.

JetPens Review

I’d say I’m going to miss them. But if I don’t find them in the places we’ve used them I’m buying another set of three.

About Time – Copyright

It now takes 95 years for copyrights to expire. That means music from 1924 is now freed up. You can listen to and do what you want with works from then. Consider this piece, a very familiar piece.

As a treat, this version is a remixed version of the oh so familiar Rhapsody in Blue. The original version here. There are some differences to what you’ve heard. Visit the version on YouTube to read about them.

For more items released from copyright coverage, visit Open Culture. They’ve got information on other movies, novels, plays, and other creative works. Or consider Wikipedia pages for more literature, music, film and artworks published in 1924.