Number 20 Complete

Yes, 20 booklets filled with writing. A rather long one this time, lots of skipping due to having a hunk of lung chopped out. I did, to my surprise complete four books. I wholeheartedly recommend all four.

And while I’m recommending, Morning Pages, from Julia Cameron, is also recommended. For people who want more creative work in their lives. It doesn’t need to involve writing or other things normally thought of as art. It does require commitment.

With the upper left node of my lung gone and I’m now 37 Days without a hospital visit. With both of those in place, I’m working on beating the 366 day streak. Yeah, yeah, I know that’s pretty normal. But for me, it’s big now.

2019 December 1

What happened to November? It was a month of doing nothing. I cannot even take credit for resting up. I did do Duolingo daily. In contrast to everything else, I do on a daily basis. I didn’t even drink coffee every day.

Welcome to December!

While I worked December was a month of hard freezes – no changes. It was a month of people squeezing in vacation time before they lost it at the end of the year.

Now I take the month to look at what I’ve done, the big review. I’ll tell you about in on January 1.