263+ to 193

After my recent medical adventure, my weight is down to 193. The last time I weighed this little was in 1989? 1990? Somewhere around there. It was part of the subtle weight gain. Just three pounds each year. It never seemed like much at the time. Until I felt it.

I really felt it was time to lose weight when it felt like I’d broken a toe. “Gout,” said my doctor. He x-rayed it to reassure me. But yes, he was right. I had gout. He was also wrong, weight loss did affect gout. It got better. I also used gout reoccurrence as hints that I was gained weight again.

I cannot recommend visiting hospitals and having major surgeries as a weight loss program. But hey! it works. I had plateaued at 204-208. Now I’m close to the “normal” weight as stated by BMI charts.

Actually, I’m more interested in converted fat into muscle. When you lose weight, at least the way I have, is to lose muscles first. As I exercise – a big recommendation from all doctors – is to regain the lost muscles. That’s number one to do.