What I Do

What do I do? The list of things I have in my list, like:

  • Drive Jen to dentist
  • Letters !!
  • Eye exerdises
  • Select photos for October book
  • Walk
  • Test scanner for color film
  • Chickwheat

Remains largely undone that day. So, what do I do? I tracked them yesterday. As I finished something I would note the time. The start time would come from the prior entry. Yesterday’s entries included.

8:00 Morning pages
9:20 Coffee & emails, including Austin Kleon‘s weekly explorations
9:37 Brush teeth, shower, and shave
10:05 Latin lessons (3)

11:15 Breakfast
11:24 Emails
12:04 Mind of Watercolor YouTube and side trip to White Rabbit, tough to hear

1:07 Meditation
2:17 Eat lunch, watch Hank Green and Bosh! and Pasta Grannies on YouTube
3:47 Record blood pressure from 9/11 to today, email to doctor

4:55 Reading and coffee
6:25 To library and a dinner out
7:55 Reading
11:00 Roku, Pinkly Blinders

Yes, I’m leaving some things out, as indicated by … I was surprised by how quickly I did dishes and how long it took to do things on the computer. Lots of time on YouTube and email processing. Do I need to cut them down? To be explored.


Out niece Lucy was visiting (between Boston and Milan, a different story) and she offered to take us out to breakfast. But where? We decided to go to Hawthorne, park, and walk until we settled upon a place. Jennifer had thought of The Hazel Room, but was open to other places. While walking along we saw and was tempted by a place. A place that was a favorite twenty years ago. A place we had not been into in more than a decade. Why not go there? Relive a bit of our old lives?

Because it’s gone downhill. Masivly so. Terribly so. Wonder how they can still stay open. Wonder how they can charge $2.75 for coffee. And we wonder how long they can stay open. We wonder if the founder is still involved with it. And if she’s ashamed of herself.

If you find youself on Hawthone Blvd in Portland, visit The Hazel Room. The place we should have gone to.

2019 October1

Welcome to October! In September I set out to do 30 Days of Ukulele. Which went, well, um, it went nowhere. I played less in September than I did in August. Count that as a big fail. What did I learn? Not to sign on to something that is more than I could handle. I’m not yet up to the level needed for the class. Which lead to my sidestepping on the entire thing. I also seem to do better with a thing I can do on my own. August had daily blogging. The point was to do a “something” each day. Donot set out to do something defined by someone else. Like July with a watercolor course it did not work out.

I’ve got a couple of things in mind for October. Check back in four weeks to see how that works out