If you are reading this you are familiar with one way I track my life. It’s a journal of sorts. I have others.

Morning Pages in which I start (almost) every day with four pages of longhand. Part of the idea is to not reread it for at least a month or so. I’ve extended that to not rereading it at all. Well, at bit once in a while. It is approaching the completion of its twentieth book. See Daily DOs for morn information.

Sketch Journal, from Lynda Barry. I have all sorts of stuff in it. With the intent of going back and finding things later. It is actually a fun thing to keep. I’m currently rereading Syllabus with the intent of injecting some of Barry’s suggestions into it. I also have more of her¬†instructional books.

Cooked a part cookbook, part food diary, it’s what I write down what I cook so I’ll have my own cookbook someday. This is not the kind of cookbook you see wherever. Ruth Reichl is kinda sorta a hero for me. Even if my Mom cooks well.

Uke, a ahem, book on learning Ukulele. This one is pretty lame. Hopefully I’ll pull it out of the bin.

Exercise in which I keep track of what I do. Well sorta. It is also lame. But I have aspirations and hopes.

Weekbook a progression of single pages that touch on what happened each week. Well, until I lost the book. When I find it, it will resume.

There are a couple of other books on the way. Watch for updates Real Soon Now.

Reading Romeo & Juliet

While strolling through YouTube I came across the Crash Source Literature section. It starts with How and Why We Read: Crash Course English Literature #1. At the end, they invite you to join them starting with Romeo & Juliet. I don’t have a copy, at least one I could find. So it is off to the library. And I reserved a copy.

Romeo & Juliet, Library Copy

Notice anything? Anything that would set this apart from what you’d get in The Complete Works of William Shakespeare like you might have had in college? Cute cover, isn’t it? Because it is Manga. Like Japanese comic books. So read it backward, with the page orientatin being somewhat disorienting and you’ll have it. A little tough to follow the iambic pentameter, but there’s lots of great visuals.

And then I wondered what was amiss with me. I have a Kindle. Shakespeare is public domain. I could read a copy there for free. And off to it I went. And yes, they have a copy. And also copies in Spanish, French, Polish, German, and more. It’s a handsome copy. And in English, they also have it in HTML for easy web reading.

Front Piece for Gutenberg version.

And,, of course, I can get plain text copies, PDF copies, and more. Why did I go to the library? Because it’s nice, I guess. But I just did it out of laziness. Or a habit. Just like going to Gutenberg for a free electronic copy of a book. For that matter, Amazon offers 100,000 free books. Including a copy of Romeo & Juliet

Daily Don’ts

Yesterday I posted on my daily habits. Today what I don’t

Exercising that thing I think I should do but I don’t. Even after the years of bicycle commuting, after a few months of walking in the morning, after it all I just don’t. Now, I do exercise. But not every day, most of them. I also have a tracker on my phone so I know when I get less than ten minutes in. I am working up to a half marathon, 13.1 miles. I walk it. I will walk it. Sometime in October.

I’m sure there is more that I want to do on a daily basis. I’ll add them in here as I remember.

Daily DOs

If you have a job, you go to work. And that can be all that you plan on for each day. Now that I’m retired, I have “things to do.” Yes, I take my prescription pills, make and drink some coffee. There are also some things I do every day.

Morning Pages a daily writing task from Julia Cameron. Listen about it here, or read about it here, or check this list of links. I started Morning Pages in April of 2015. I’ve filled twenty composition books with them. Yes, I buy them by the pack of twelve. I now do four pages so that sometime in the future I can flip through and read the headings. Well, and since they’re smaller than the 81/2×11 pages it works out to about the same amount of writing.

A recent example

Duolingo the language learning platform. It has scores of languages available. For me that means Spanish and Latin. Yes, Latin. Which is surprisingly accessible. And I’m getting better at English also. Active since December 2013

Free Forever, Since 2013

Meditation, as in sitting quietly eyes closed, watching my breath. I started with a simple Meditation Helper. It tracks your streak, does a bell when you start, when you stop, and you can well, check their web site. I’ve used it since 2016. I’ve also recently added 10% Happier, for guided meditations. It’s proving to be interesting, but I’ve had it for less than a month. So, not a lot of feedback from me. The Meditation Helper is great, simple and just what I needed. The video is about what meditation is about. It covers it completely in two minutes. And actually, it’s what got me started. Despite the on again off again trying going back to 1976.

Those are my Daily DOs. How about yours?

Part One Finished

Ah Freedom! I could walk without a walker. I could, well, not much more. It was on the 24h of September that I left the Kaiser ICU-Coronary and was sent to a rehabilitation center. I’d gotten pretty restless and floated the idea of going straight home. Bad idea. I still had a tube into my stomach to eat from. That wasn’t enough for me to agree to it. At least at the start.

I’d like to say we celebrated the day of getting out of the hospital. But turthfully we’re so acclimated that I had to look up the date. I’m pretty sure it was the 24th. Four weeks to the day after I went in for my TAVR. A year later I do get a clench in my stomach thinking about it. But each day I get a bit stronger, a bit more optimistic about the future.