By The Numbers

TAVR &Adventure By The Numbers

1 Surgery Scheduled
7 Surgery Performed
3 Daily Pills Consumed
21 Daily Pills Consumed
2 Days in hospital expected
28 Days in hospital
14 Days in rehab center
59 Days with Mom
0 Days spent kicking all painkillers
5 Visit from dogs
4 Days with no memories, total blackout
9 Cardiologist MDs, that I’m aware of
3 Other MDs
3 Home visit RN nurses
18 Both facility RN nurses, that I remember
6 Nurses that assisted with taking a bath
1 Birthdays with no memory
7 Relatives visiting
5 Hours spent withTV entertainment, total
22 Days without bathing
1 Outdoor walk
5 New scars
26 Pounds lost
28 New stitch lines from sternum cracking
4 Average number of daily walks in hospital
2468 Emails backed up
654 Spam or political emails

PS, Numbers from contributes

1 Life saved
108 Pages filled with notes (should have been up in the main. This is what I did instead of watching TV.)

I Am Back

I’m back from the near dead.

Not that you could tell based on my activity here.