Scambled Eggs Question

On Quora, a person asked about the necessity of mixing eggs before putting them in a pan for scrambling.  There are several thoughtful answers. But why did the person ask? Why rely on what people on the Internet say? Eggs, for a non-impoverished person in an industrialized country, are cheap.  This is a question one can easily answer for oneself. This is a question that answering for oneself brings benefits beyond having the knowledge. My answer is:

Since you’re asking this question on Quora, I’ll assume you’re a citizen of an industrialized country. I’ll further assume you are not an impoverished citizen. The rest of my answer rests on the foundation of those assumptions. In essence, I assume you can afford to spend the money to buy a dozen eggs and possibly “ruin” a few of them.

Eggs are cheap. With relative ease you can get the answer for yourself. Buy a dozen. Each day for six days make a pair of scrambled eggs for yourself changing the mixing time, maybe the heat level. Pay attention to how you do it each day and how you liked the results. Try to not forget too much.

On the seventh day review your notes and/or memories. You will then know with absolute certainty if you really need to mix the eggs before pouring in order to have scrambled eggs prepared the way you like.

Fundamentally, why ask when you can easily get a more authoritative answer via direct experience at trivial cost?