Breaking Broken Update: My Own Recognizance

Released on my own recognizance.

On September 17 I broke my right leg in multiple places. Breaking a leg is major trauma. For weeks, well months, I didn’t walk. However, healing progress happens. The physical therapist feels I’m making enough progress to continue on my own. We’ll have a assessment appointment in May or June. Which means:

Treatment is complete. All the rest of the healing is up to time and me exercising.

Love My CP01A

As much as I love mine, you probably do not want one.

It is the form sent to people who were identity theft victims. The IRS sends you one every year with a PIN to use when filing tax returns. I started getting CP01A forms the year after someone else filed a tax return using my name and social security number. We now get letters in January with our new tax filing PINs.

If you would like, you can request an Identity Protection Personal Identification Number from the IRS.

Benefit: makes it much harder for someone to file a tax return using your information.
Drawback: if you lose the letter the IRS sends you in January tax filing is much more complicated. Ditto if you move without telling them.

Having lived through the pain of someone filing a return using my information I love mine.

Spanish Armchair Travel

¿Cómo nos han transformado las redes sociales?

If you understand: read this.
If you don’t: read this.

It’s a story from Radio Ambulante. Think This American Life and Radio Lab transmuted into Spanish, roaming through the vast Latin American cultural worlds. Fortunately for those without Spanish fluency each episode has transcriptions in Spanish and English. They have over 100 episodes.

Yes, you too can be a sonic armchair traveler.

Personal note, when I first saw “¿Cómo nos han transformado las redes sociales?” I understood. Then it hit my self-aware self, I understood. Radio Ambulante is one resource for learning Spanish. Especially useful is reading the Spanish transcript while listening, to work on listening comprehension.