Hotel Benton


June 1, 1925 was the opening date for the Hotel Benton. It was located across the street from the county courthouse and a block from the railroad station. Civic pride made this seven story building a reality. Funded by the Kiwanis club and their work in getting people to subscribe to it and a bond floated. 954 of the work to build this hotel was done by local contractors and workers.

Popular for more than thirty years due to the sophisticated design and wonderful location. The termination of rail service in the 1940s coupled with the growth of automobile centric travel. By the 1980s the once splendid hotel was converted to being low income public housing.

Hooray for Linda in DC’s providing this stationery to get me to look up the hotel’s history on Wikipedia.

I had thought of driving down to Corvallis to view the building. Maybe take a photo of it. Maybe stop in at Luis’s Taqueria like Barak Obama once did and we did quit a bit when traveling to and from Salem. But, four hours of driving just to photograph and see a hotel? Ah, nah, this can wait. It will do fine for me to stop in when I am on my way to Gold Beach this summer to visit my Mom.

And the attached photo is truly a good print. Nothing like a 4×5 camera for perspective adjustment. That is what happened on
the photograph.

— MichaelRpdx :: rkmm :: 2022-05-06

Yay! again to Linda in DC for providing the stationery.


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