#!/usr/bin/perl -T use CGI; my $h = new CGI; print $h->header; print $h->start_html( -title=>"USB Test WSH Start Page", -meta=>{'keywords'=>'US Bank testing web monitoring', 'Author'=>'NOSS created script'} ); print <
Web Monitor (WSH) Testing
This form allows you to force conditions, like timeouts or error return codes, to test how web monitoring or automation software responds to the conditions.
Force Error Return Codes
Force a server error (400 or 500 series) return code. No data page will be generated, just the error message from the server.
Delay Response
Delay Time:
Have the delay occur before any response.
Have the response come back slowly
The delay you specify will be used to slow the loading of the following pages. It's exressed in seconds.
Authentication Pages
Test authentication features. To pass the authentication use UID usbtest with a password of wsht42rmnj
Any other combination will bring up the invalid login page.
Transient Failure Yes
If this option is set to yes subsequent pages will only load in less than delay seconds one time in three. The delay is controlled by the values you've specified above.
Note: Not yet implemented.
Alternatively if you click on the "Run Transient Test" button a series of pages will be presented with for regex match testing, with two slow loads followed by a normal speed load. The slow loads will return as defined in the delay section above. The regex text to test for is Transient Failure.