At Sunset

As autumn transitions into winter twilight comes early and dry days are few.

ritzi was kind enough to sit for what is essentially a self portrait. This favorite time of the year is leaving. We’re savoring the evenings while we have them.

Fritzi at Sunset
Savoring the waning days of autumn

Tree Teaching

colorful tree bark
Tree Bark
Exercise: take a white piece of paper, cut a window into it, pin this to a tree; paint the tree bark visible through the window. Carlos Villa introduced me to this learning tool.

This is especially good to do with watercolors. As you observe and then attempt to replicate the colors of the bark (oh, just simple grey…) you’ll keep finding more and more embedded color. The process is almost hallucinigenic. Each time you think you’ve found the match you see another color in the window.

To a casual observer tree bark is grey or brown or maybe a reddish color. To someone who has tried to paint it the bark is many colors.

Laughing at the Library

Lynda Barry's Syllabus
Lynda Barry’s Syllabus is printed on the same stock as a grade school composition book.

At the library to pick up an eagerly awaited book and as I start to pull it from the shelf I realize “this feels very familiar.”

And it was and is and laughter starts to burble up. It’s just like a composition book used in grade school. This is a book to use for your daily writing and drawing and whatevering. It encourages you to not get too serious. It encourages happiness much more than a Moleskine or an Artist’s Sketchbook.

Some of them, like mine shown here, only have lines on the bottom half of the page to encourage you to draw.

Lynda Barry must be a great teacher – she starts with the fundamentals.

Portland Backwards Summer

Typically people of Portland don’t count on sunny days until the fourth of July. Before then clouds and rain are normal. May will usually have a hot spell with temperatures in the 90s. But from Memorial Day through the fourth overcast skys and days with rain just make for a joke about knowing if it’s time for the Rose Festival.

This year is backwards. It feels comfortable. But hey it’s July! Where’s the sun and heat?

(preparing to eat those words in August.)

Why Do They Not Know

Look at something on Amazon. See ads for the item in many other places. This is annoying if you went ahead and bought it.

Compare: subscribe the to email announcement list somewhere. Do they do something so the website is aware you’re a subscriber? No. You get the sign up annoying pop up all the time.

Why don’t web sites that have an affiliated email list put out a cookie to track your subscription and not offer you the list signup? This is especially annoying when the pop up is full screen cover the content.

This is an annoyance. Not quite as annoying as sites so laden with ads you can’t read the content. Why don’t those folks know if you can’t read the content you won’t return to read the ads?